Diagnose your favorite Beaujolais Nouveau with a preference diagnosis! Investigating the taste of Beaujolais Nouveau in 2023

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute Institute has been conducting sensory analyses of representative Beaujolais Nouveau (BN) products every year since its founding in 2004, coinciding with the release date. In 2023, in addition to the sensory analysis of BN, we will propose recommended BNs based on preference types using preference diagnostics.

The taste of Georges Duboeuf, a representative brand of Beaujolais Nouveau

[Figure 1] Georges Duboeuf BN 2023 flavor balance (standardized)
【図2】ジョルジュ・デュブッフBN 酸味・渋みの変化
[Figure 2] Georges Duboeuf BN Changes in sourness and astringency

[Figure 1] [Figure 2] compares the taste balance of 2023 Georges Duboeuf BN with past products. The taste characteristics of 2023 are much stronger in acidity, complexity, and astringency than last year or average years, so it can be said that it is a vintage that can be expected to change as it matures due to the abundance of organic acids and tannins.
It can also be said that this is a unique balance that has never been seen before in the 18 years that I have been conducting this analysis. When I actually drank it, I found that it had a sour taste, but the complexity and astringency of the tannins gave it a mellow taste.

Taste distribution of 9 Beaujolais Nouveau products

[Figure 3] Taste distribution of commercially available products in 2023

[Figure 3] shows measurement data for commercially available BN. Albert Bichot has a taste that embodies this year’s trends, with a strong acidity and astringency. Labreroi has a fruity taste with pronounced acidity, while Henri Fessi and Georges Duboeuf BVN SelectionPlus have a relatively mild taste.

Understand with the preference test “CORESUKI”⁉
Recommended Beaujolais Nouveau for each taste type

Using a preference diagnosis that examines individual taste preferences, we have selected recommended BNs for each taste type. There are so many, which one should I choose? Please refer to it if you are interested.
First of all, let’s check your taste type by conducting “CORESUKI*”!


※What is the preference test “CORESUKI”?
An online diagnostic tool provided by the Flavor & Fragrance Strategy Research Institute that categorizes individual taste preferences into 6 classifications and 22 types. By establishing a unique questionnaire program and preference diagnostic logic from a database of over 120,000 taste profiles, it became the first in the world to scientifically demonstrate an individual’s taste preference, which is the “deliciousness” of taste.


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Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute, a company that studies the science of food, utilizes visualization technology for the “deliciousness” of taste, aroma, texture, etc. This technology allows for the objectification of sensory values that were previously perceived through relative evaluation, enabling them to be used as evaluation criteria and scales. Since its establishment, the institute has continued to digitize food, and has built a taste database of over 120,000 food items. Based on this database, they provide food digital solution services that utilize data for various challenges related to food, such as food development, quality management, market research, and customization of taste for overseas markets.

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