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We are a company that uses a method to quantify the “taste” of food to express it in an easy-to-understand way, and we provide services related to food, marketing, and consulting based on a taste database. While we have traditionally focused on activities such as building taste databases for mass marketing, we are currently strengthening our efforts towards target marketing and direct marketing, including the development of an analysis engine to clarify the preferences of individual consumers.

As elements that constitute “taste,” there are many influencing factors such as taste, aroma, texture, temperature, appearance (color), sound, as well as cultural and anthropological aspects such as the user’s place of origin, age, and upbringing in a food culture environment, among others.

Until now, “taste” has often been expressed subjectively by humans, making it difficult to discuss with a common understanding. We believe that if people with different subjective views can share a common image and discuss “taste” together, it will deepen their interest, curiosity, and concern for human “taste.”

In the global food market, various challenges have emerged, such as environmental issues like food loss and food waste, the arrival of an aging society impacting food and welfare, research and development towards the harmonization of food and health, and the diversification of consumer needs, including halal food, vegetarian, and vegan markets due to differences in religion and dietary habits. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are advocated for achieving a sustainable society, also address several themes related to food.

We introduce a quantitative and scientific perspective to the relative and subjective “sensory texture” and “deliciousness” of humans, and utilize AI analysis technology, leveraging big data such as taste data of foods from around the world, as a problem-solving method in digital technology. As a next-generation food tech think tank company, we will continue our research and development to solve various social issues related to food, aiming to solve problems and challenges.

We will continue to strive to arouse people’s interest in food and contribute to the further development of food culture.

President and CEO
Michihiro Koyanagi