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Taste analysis and design of Yashiro ginger from Kumamoto Prefecture to promote gastronomy tourism

Conveying attractions through data and supporting regional integrated tourism promotion projects

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Michihiro Koyanagi; hereinafter referred to as ‘Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute’), which studies the science of food, conducted a sensory evaluation of Yatsushiro ginger as part of the efforts by the general incorporated association DMO Yatsushiro (Location: Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture; Representative Director: Seiji Fukushima; hereinafter referred to as ‘DMO Yatsushiro’) to promote the charm of Yatsushiro ginger. Based on the evaluation results and data, the institute designed and produced a booklet titled ‘Recommendations for Yatsushiro Ginger’.


This project is being conducted utilizing the “Fiscal Year 2022 Regional Integrated Gastronomy Tourism Promotion Project” selected by DMO Yatsushiro through the public offering of the Japan Tourism Agency.

Promoting Gastronomy Tourism Through Visual Communication

DMO Yatsushiro conducts research, analysis, and tourism strategy marketing and management for the purpose of promoting tourism in the Yatsushiro region. The recently published booklet “Recommendations for Yatsushiro Ginger” focuses on ginger, which is protected as a Geographical Indication (GI) in the Yatsushiro region, among various other charms of the area. The booklet contains a variety of information such as the taste of Yatsushiro ginger, its production history, interviews with the mayor of Yatsushiro and producers, and information on shops where you can eat and buy Yatsushiro ginger. It contributes to promoting the charm of the region as a content that allows you to enjoy gastronomy tourism of the region’s food even before you go there.


Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute also produced designs to visually convey the deliciousness of Yatsushiro ginger based on the scientific analysis of its flavor. In addition, researchers from the institute proposed and featured recipes that leverage the unique taste and texture characteristics of Yatsushiro ginger.

◆Digital Book

Working together as one, united for the region.

For the initiative of the Fiscal Year 2022 Regional Integrated Gastronomy Tourism Promotion Project, DMO Yatsushiro recruited restaurants offering Yatsushiro ginger menus through a special website and included them in “Recommendations for Yatsushiro Ginger.” They also provided banners, menu boards, and recipes to create an environment where the community could collectively promote Yatsushiro ginger. By consolidating information such as featuring participating restaurants and the “Recommendations for Yatsushiro Ginger” digital book on the special website, they aim to strengthen their communication efforts and promote gastronomy tourism centered around Yatsushiro ginger.

Expectations for the “Recommendations for Yatsushiro Ginger” Initiative

With the recovery of travel demand and the expansion of inbound tourism, it has become increasingly important to promote the charm of local food and culture. In this context, visual representation that transcends language barriers holds significant value. The Flavor and Fragrance Strategy Research Institute, which studies the science of food, aims to analyze food scientifically, digitize its appeal, and further enhance its visibility. By promoting the use of food data as an effective appeal, including for inbound tourism, we support the local food industry.

About the General Incorporated Association DMO Yatsushiro

The General Incorporated Association DMO Yatsushiro is an organization that brings together tourism professionals, industry, the city, and citizens to develop the tourism region as a whole. It was established to promote the revitalization of the tourism industry and other local industries in the Yatsushiro region. The association engages in marketing tourism resources and promoting the region as a whole, aiming to attract tourists and enhance the quality of resources management and services. Through the development of tourism strategies and management of business plans, it promotes tourism, local products, and community development in the Yatsushiro region.

About the Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute, a company that studies the science of food, utilizes visualization technology for the “deliciousness” of taste, aroma, texture, etc. This technology allows for the objectification of sensory values that were previously perceived through relative evaluation, enabling them to be used as evaluation criteria and scales. Since its establishment, the institute has continued to digitize food, and has built a taste database of over 120,000 food items. Based on this database, they provide food digital solution services that utilize data for various challenges related to food, such as food development, quality management, market research, and customization of taste for overseas markets.

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