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Food NFT Consortium Launches NFT Web App, Sells New NFTs in Restaurants to Change the Food Experience.

Free operation trial session will be held on Friday, January 26, 2024

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute Co., Ltd. a company that studies the science of food (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Michihiro Koyanagi; hereinafter referred to as “Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute”), announces that the “Food NFT Consortium,” in which it participates, has launched a web app called “ONEPLATE” to make NFTs more accessible. Using ONEPLATE, they are selling a new NFT called “Menu NFT” at the storefronts of restaurants and on ONEPLATE to change the food experience.

The Food NFT Consortium utilizes the Flavor and Fragrance Strategy Research Institute’s taste data analysis technology to create “taste data” and “recipe data” for food. They record these data on the blockchain, converting them into NFTs known as “Food NFTs,” and work to create a market for Food NFTs.

The Food NFT Consortium has officially launched the web app “ONEPLATE,” which allows both businesses and consumers to easily adopt NFTs for the purpose of enjoying NFTs “anytime, anywhere, and easily.” ONEPLATE was developed jointly by the Food NFT Consortium and NFTDrive Co., Ltd., with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Users can access NFTs simply by visiting the URL, making it accessible on any device, including smartphones. Even first-time users can create a new account and start using NFTs in just 3 steps.



・Device agnostic. You can preview NFTs just by accessing it from a web browser.
・With one touch, you can create URLs and QR codes to share NFTs.
・You can obtain a new address on ONEPLATE in just 3 steps.
・ODirect NFT trading is possible on ONEPLATE! No need for a marketplace.
・Supports multiple accounts.
・Multi-sig supported.
※ONEPLATE is available for free, but cryptocurrency (XYM) is required for NFT transactions.
※Transactions on ONEPLATE incur a set fee.
※ONEPLATE is only compatible with the Symbol blockchain.

ONEPLATE features an intuitive UI that allows users to naturally execute peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions without the need for specialized knowledge, leveraging the advantages of blockchain such as consensus and immediacy. Furthermore, ONEPLATE is designed to be easily accepted by those familiar with blockchain technology, as it directly accesses information on the blockchain. It bridges the gap in knowledge and experience related to NFTs and blockchain, making it a tool that anyone can use to enjoy NFTs “anytime, anywhere, and easily” and together.

Future outlook

 ONEPLATE provides services to members of the Food NFT Consortium free of charge and promotes the provision of NFTs to NFT projects, starting with “Menu NFTs.” Consumers can access ONEPLATE from their familiar smartphones, easily view NFTs, and request acquisitions. Businesses can use ONEPLATE to distribute NFTs such as Food NFTs, making it possible to lower the barrier to participation in NFT projects by using URLs and QR codes. This widens the range of applications for branding and fan development.

 Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute aims to expand the physical food experience, which is perceived by the five senses, into the virtual world by utilizing taste quantification. Through ONEPLATE, which makes blockchain user-friendly, we will promote “Food NFTs” for everyone to enjoy, aiming for an era where NFTs are enjoyed by all.

“Menu NFTs” utilizing ONEPLATE are now on sale both in-store and on ONEPLATE.

Utilizing ONEPLATE, the kaiseki restaurant “Kirari” in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, is selling its monthly changing course menu as full-chain NFTs. The Menu NFTs are designed to be exchanged or collected, enhancing the dining experience by connecting personal experiences of meals with NFTs, aiming to enhance the value of the “food” provided by Kirari.

Payments are accepted in both fiat currency and cryptocurrency (XYM). In addition to in-store sales, purchases can be made directly on ONEPLATE. This allows for reaching out to potential customers who are interested in the restaurant but have not yet visited. Furthermore, Menu NFT holders receive a complimentary welcome drink at Kirari as a benefit, which is expected to encourage visits.

Menu NFT image
Sales flow

seki restaurant “Kirari”


About food NFT

The “Recipe Data” for food and “Taste Data,” which quantifies taste using Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute’s analysis technology, are recorded and tokenized in an all-on-chain manner on the Symbol blockchain, a public blockchain. This NFT (Non-Fungible Token) preserves reproducible recipe taste data as digital assets, allowing for maximum utilization of their value. “NFT-Drive” is used for the on-chain storage of taste data and recipe data on the Symbol blockchain and for issuing NFTs.

About Food NFT Consortium

The Food NFT Consortium was established to create a “Food NFT” market by creating “taste data” and “recipe data” for many attractive “flavors” that people want to taste, make, and share. These data are recorded and tokenized on the blockchain to create a “Food NFT” market.


About the Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute, a company that studies the science of food, utilizes visualization technology for the “deliciousness” of taste, aroma, texture, etc. This technology allows for the objectification of sensory values that were previously perceived through relative evaluation, enabling them to be used as evaluation criteria and scales. Since its establishment, the institute has continued to digitize food, and has built a taste database of over 120,000 food items. Based on this database, they provide food digital solution services that utilize data for various challenges related to food, such as food development, quality management, market research, and customization of taste for overseas markets.

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