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Started providing ‘Personalized Food Recommendation Function’ in partnership with ITOCHU Corporation.

Matching proposals for food that suits taste preferences based on preference data.

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Michihiro Koyanagi; hereinafter “Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute”) has partnered with “ITOCHU Corporation” (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and COO: Keita Ishii; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) to launch a “Personalized Food Recommendation Function” utilizing the taste preference diagnosis developed by Flavor & Fragrance Strategy Research Institute.

As smartphone-based searches and social media become more prevalent, and with the recent trend of accessing integrated information through AI-generated content, consumer food preferences are diversifying rapidly, leading to a further push for personalized food experiences. In response to this diversification, food manufacturers and retailers handling private label (PB) products are increasingly subdividing their product lines. Consequently, consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to find products that match their preferences. In this context, the field of personalized recommendation, which analyzes and interprets consumer behavior and preferences to match individual preferences with products, is gaining attention in the market.

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute has developed a unique taste preference diagnosis system based on its database of over 120,000 taste profiles. They have also launched a convenient data collection service called “CORESUKI” (*1), providing a new indicator of consumer understanding called “Preference Data.”

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute and ITOCHU Corporation are launching a “Personalized Recommendation Function for Food” utilizing this taste preference data, to create opportunities for consumers to encounter products based on their preferences. Retailers and food manufacturers with diverse product offerings and consumer touchpoints can introduce this function to their own e-commerce sites and apps, enabling them to propose products tailored to individual consumers based on their taste preferences.

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute partnered with ITOCHU Corporation in July 2021 to launch “FOODATA,” (*2) a data service for food product planning and development. In July 2023, they also introduced the taste preference diagnostic service “Coresuki” (*1) aiming to promote the utilization of data. As a food tech think tank company that visualizes food through a scientific lens, Flavor & Fragrance Strategy Research Institute will continue to support various challenges in the food industry.

※1…Thursday, July 13, 2023
※2…Friday, July 9, 2021

About Taste and Aroma Strategy Research Institute

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute, a company that studies the science of food, utilizes visualization technology for the “deliciousness” of taste, aroma, texture, etc. This technology allows for the objectification of sensory values that were previously perceived through relative evaluation, enabling them to be used as evaluation criteria and scales. Since its establishment, the institute has continued to digitize food, and has built a taste database of over 120,000 food items. Based on this database, they provide food digital solution services that utilize data for various challenges related to food, such as food development, quality management, market research, and customization of taste for overseas markets.

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