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Visualizing the deliciousness of sake produced in Nagasaki PrefectureConduct taste analysis and food pairing analysis

Nagasaki Prefecture promotes the pairing of sake and fish dishes as one of its initiatives to create new culinary charms by exploring delicious relationships that enhance each other’s attractions, making it easier for restaurants and others to utilize. The Flavor & Fragrance Strategy Research Institute conducted flavor analysis using taste sensors and food pairing derived from taste data to propose pairings.

The analysis results of 26 sake products from Nagasaki Prefecture were designed and produced at the Flavor & Fragrance Strategy Research Institute. They are provided on the Nagasaki Prefecture official website as an introduction tool for Nagasaki sake, which can be freely used by restaurants, retailers, and others.

Analysis summary

  • Analysis of prefecture-produced sake from 26 sake breweries in the prefecture that requested taste analysis
    (11 brands of sake, 10 brands of shochu, 2 brands of fruit wine, 2 brands of happoshu, 1 brand of spirits)
  • The brands analyzed were selected from those that are carried by commercial liquor stores and are also popular in restaurants, etc.
  • Compare sake and shochu from around the country and create a taste map to see what characteristics they have.
  • Based on analysis results, features of prefecture-produced sake and pairings with fish dishes that go well with it are posted.

Result of analysis

Japanese sake

Sake from Nagasaki Prefecture is characterized by its mellow taste, which is generally low in acidity and has strong depth, umami, and richness!


Shochu from Nagasaki Prefecture is characterized by its low acidity and deep, rich flavor.

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