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Recreation Recipes for example 「だいたいウニ」(Daitai-Uni), Original Recipes Preserved on the Blockchain as Food NFTs.

The use of taste data is going to the world of Web3.0

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute (head office in Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, president and representative director: KOYANAGI Michihiro) transformed 4 items of their original recipes into food NFTs through the Food NFT Consortium initiated by 「だいたいウニ」 (Daitai-Uni: Alternative Sea Urchin). They contain original recipes and taste data, as the first NFTs of the company.

food NFT「だいたいウニ」 (Daitai-Uni: Alternative Sea Urchin)
food NFT「だいたいウニ」 (Daitai-Uni: Alternative Sea Urchin)

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute has the technology of visualizing taste, aroma, texture by Kansei (‘affective’) analysis equipment, and provides consulting services in the field of food digital solutions, clarifying individual taste preference, developing and customizing food products for target markets based on a taste database of over 120,000 items.

The food market is currently facing various social challenges, such as resource depletion due to overfishing, unstable supply because of climate changes, and underutilized agricultural wastes. The potential of recreating taste is considerably expected to make contributions to the taste redesign of alternative foods and effective use of waste vegetables.

Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute has been on the board of the Food NFT Consortium since its inception, providing taste analysis technology, the fundamental of food NFTs. This technology is also crucial for shaping the value of digital asset, supporting the recipe recreation and vindication by combining taste data and recipe.

As a Web3.0×Food project, food NFT stores the all recipe data on the blockchain. The data asset consisting of recipe and taste data is eternally saved on the blockchain, which will not vanish or be delible. This ensures that records of recipe developers will not be lost, and facilitates its management and operation. Furthermore, the high reproducibility makes it suitable for preservation and transmission.

Food NFT released at this time

It is published in the form of webpages. The previews are accessible through the website of Food NFT Consortium. Details including recipe and taste data are encrypted and protected with password.

■Recipe Recreation 「だいたいウニ」 (Daitai-Uni: Alternative Sea Urchin)
The first food NFT from Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute, 「だいたいウニ」 (Daitai-Uni), is their original recipe recreating the taste of sea urchin without using any sea urchin. By using yolk and hijiki (a kind of seaweed), not only the taste but also the appearance are crafted.

■Calibration Standard Solution for Measurement

Calibration standard solution for measuring malt liquor
Calibration standard solution for measuring coffee
Calibration standard solution for measuring tomato juice
Calibration standard solution is developed for measuring taste using the taste sensor (manufactured by Intelligent Sensor Technology, Inc.). Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute has more than 200 original calibration standard solution recipes, that can be reproduced at any time for various kinds of foods, as well as improve the accuracy of taste analysis.

Food NFT as A Utilization Strategy of Taste Analysis Data

Since established, Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute has been engaged in ‘taste visualization’, involving the acquisition of data on taste, aroma and texture of food products. It has broadened the application fields so far as a common language of Kansei (‘affective’), the evidence for research and development of food, sales promotion, and marketing.
Along with Food NFTs becoming available in the future, that store analysis data on the blockchain, the application of taste data will extend into the Web 3.0 world fundamented with the blockchain.

In addition to preservation, transmission and certification, the food NFT is supposed to have a wide range of uses, such as trading NFT itself, franchising business by stating the right. The latest information on food NFTs is available on the Food NFT Consortium website and Twitter.
[Food NFT Consortium website]
[Food NFT Consortium official twitter]

What is Food NFT?

Food NFTs are a kind of Non-Fungible Tokens that maximize the value of recording and tokenizing the “recipe data” and “taste data” which is quantified by the analytical technology of Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute. They also magnify the advantages of safeguarding the reproducible “recipe data” as digital assets by fully on chain in Symbol, a public blockchain.

■About Food NFT Consortium

The Food NFT Consortium was established to create a “Food NFT” market. “Taste data” and “recipe data” for many attractive “tastes” that you want to eat, make, and convey are created and recorded on the blockchain to convert them into Food NFTs.
Establishment: 1st Apr, 2022(JST)
Business Description: “FOOD” × “NFT” Creating Food NFT market


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